Our mission is simple:

Better design by Australia, for the world.

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What it means to feel good about Koala

We want to surprise and delight.

We want every interaction, from shopping online to assembly to product returns, to be better than our customers could have imagined.

How we design products to feel good about

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Who does what

Doing what we do requires all sorts of specialised skills and areas of focus.

Scroll down to see how we take a piece of furniture from a twinkle in a designer’s eye to inside a customer’s happy home (and beyond).

Category management

Figures out what customer problems we could solve.


Determines which of these problems are the most valuable ones to solve, and which will resonate best with customers.

Product design

Works out what it will take to actually solve the problem, from a design and engineering perspective (including making, transporting and assembling it).

Product development

Finds the right materials and the right partners so we can make the right product for the right price

Supply chain

Gets the production from the supplier to our warehouse, storing it there and getting it to the customer quicker that they thought possible.


Lets people know we've created products that solve some of their problems (and makes sure people are clear on the values that make us who we are).

Web Technology

Make sure it's a doddle to order online, and those orders make their way to exactly the right person in the warehouse.

Customer service

Keeps customers smiling, answering questions before they buy and sorting out delivery issues and returns.

Reverse supply chain

Picks up returns, sorts out charity donations and generally makes sure koala products have a useful afterlife.

People and culture

Makes sure Koala has the pople we need, and those people have what they need to succeed.

Data and analytics

Gives us the information we need to make good decisions.


Takes care of getting the money we make where it needs to be, including your pockets.

Thrivability and legal

Keeps us on the straight and narrow, and working towards achieving our sustainability goals.

And with us
every step of the way...

How we do it

Consistently creating products and experiences to feel good about isn’t easy, but it is where our success lies.

So how do we do it?

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How we make decisions

Making space in your brain for the context and principles above will help keep you pointed in the same direction as Koala.

But there are a couple of questions that you can use to sense-check your decision-making process.

Do I have all the context I need?

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How we think about things

Here’s the thing about…

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